Selamat Datang di Papua!


One of the many things I enjoy about the people of West Papua is their love of ceremonial celebrations. This will often include elaborate speeches, singing and dancing, storytelling and lots of delicious food. 

Upon our arrival this morning we were treated to a lovely ceremony at a local church that was arranged by the youth. We were given traditional headdresses made of bark, shells, beads and cassowary feathers and after several short welcoming speech, we enjoyed a selection of yummy snacks including my favorite, pisang goreng (fried bananas).

Stay tuned, the full ceremony will be held on Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Selamat Datang di Papua!

      1. Adjf;ajfdajdfhgrewruoifjaf. He tracked back in today, JOODIFF. If he misses AIG, he will turn into GrumpasaurusMax and I’m not having any of that.

        You’ll just have to go back in January. I’m sorry. Max’s schedule, Max’s rules.

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